Treating PTSD Together

Stella Center is on a mission to create a world where no person needlessly suffers from the symptoms of PTSD. We believe that treating PTSD is a team sport that requires collaboration. 

Stellate Ganglion Block combined with the treatment strategies of highly skilled therapy providers can help accelerate the long-term gains that you hope to achieve with your patients.

Stella Center provides care to those suffering from biological effects of trauma-related symptoms. 

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Meet Your Hosts

Our dedicated team of treatment professionals includes medical doctors who specialize in SGB for PTSD, psychologists who have deep experience with trauma survivors, and professionals who are dedicated to raising the standards in trauma care.

Dr. Eugene Lipov

Chief Medical Officer


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Dr. Shauna Springer

Chief Psychologist

Penny Hoglund 

Director of Provider Relations

We’re Ready For You

If you would like to learn more about SGB or move forward with scheduling a procedure, please share your contact information and one of Stella Center’s Patient Care Coordinators will reach out. 

If SGB is a good fit for you, a Patient Care Coordinators will schedule your procedure which will take place during a single day visit.

You're Invited

To join our curated monthly webinar series designed to raise awareness, inform and ultimately create the change necessary to rid our world of PTSD. Please join us.



12pm CST

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What Stella's SGB outcomes tells us about recovery from trauma.

Dr. Shauna Springer

SGB Patient 2020


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12pm CST

Dr. Shauna Springer

How long do the positive effects of SGB last?


Dr. Shauna Springer

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12pm CST

Political momentum for making SGB a first line treatment for emotional trauma


For the first time in a long time, I'm able to interact with people and feel this warmth again. It's like night & day.